Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center’s Digital Provider Toolkit! This online resource hub has been designed with the local care provider in mind, making information on MS quick to find and easy to digest. Whether you practice in rehabilitation, primary care, emergency medicine, or are just interested in knowing more about MS, this toolkit will provide you with the information necessary to care for MS patients and families in between their visits to a neurologist.

Alongside the educational resources available throughout this toolkit, the MS Center’s Rural Engagement Program offers direct support services to people impacted by MS in and around Pueblo & Otero Counties, Chaffee County, Mesa County, La Plata County, and Grand County.

Our free support services include online adaptive exercise classes, health & well-being coaching, and virtual counseling sessions – we welcome you to refer MS patients and families to these services. Our free online exercise classes, mental health counseling, and virtual health and well-being coaching sessions are intended to round out the care you already provide – fostering a comprehensive approach to living well with MS. For more information and steps to enroll in these services, please visit our Rural Engagement Program.

MS comes with varying symptoms, and because the disease course can be different for everybody, it can be helpful for people living with MS to establish a care team – formally or informally. You play a critical role as a care provider, offering guidance and support for patients and families along their MS journey. Still, you may have unanswered questions about the disease itself and how to best support your MS patients.

Medical professionals: Contact the MS Center’s Clinical Team

Are you a health care provider in Colorado with questions about MS symptoms or treatment? Call the University of Colorado Hospital DocLine at 844-285-4555 (local: 720-848-2828) and ask to speak to the neurologist covering the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center at the University of Colorado. One of our neurologists is available to answer questions from health care providers between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday.

This digital toolkit is an effort to expand the care networks of people living with MS in rural communities across Colorado. Here, by offering educational tools, free direct support services, and direct access to MS specialty neurologists, we aim to expand the care network of MS patients living throughout rural Colorado.

Navigating the Toolkit

What is MS?

A brief overview of the disease, who gets it, how it manifests, and what we know about what causes it.

Treating MS

Comprehensive care and effective interventions.

Diagnosis & Symptoms

Coming to the conclusion that your patient has MS.


Managing MS when dealing with other medical issues.

Disease Activity & Relapses

Impacts on the brain and how they manifest.

COVID-19 and MS

An overview of current best practices regarding MS patients and COVID-19.