Through three decades of publishing, the Rocky Mountain MS Center has built a reputation as a well-respected, trusted source of information for the community we serve. Our main publications include:

InforMS Magazine

InforMS Magazine, (we pronounce it “in-FORMS”) is our educational quarterly with a national readership that includes our subscribers, their families, MS Center supporters, patients, medical professionals and more. InforMS is a well-respected, trusted publication for people living with multiple sclerosis.
What makes this magazine unique is the quality of content within. InforMS is written mostly by MS Center staff members, in conjunction with members of our medical team — some of the world’s leading multiple sclerosis neurologists. Together they deliver the most cutting-edge information available on clinical advances, MS-specific research, and psycho-social information for people living with multiple sclerosis.

eMS News

eMS News is a monthly educational publication of the Rocky Mountain MS Center. This email newsletter provides breaking news, and includes the most current clinical and research information about MS. Distribution currently consists of more than 16,000+ people from around the US and the world, all of whom have signed up to receive information about news, clinical trials, research, education and upcoming events.
eMS News also contains regular updates on the Rocky Mountain MS Center itself, including the latest on upcoming education events, fundraising campaigns, volunteer opportunities and more.