How You Can Participate in Advocacy Year-Round

The Rocky Mountain MS Center is a proud member of the Chronic Care Collaborative (CCC) — a group of more than 50 different health organizations in Colorado representing a wide range of chronic diseases. The Collaborative meets at least monthly to discuss policies important to member organizations and their constituents. The CCC advocates at the Capitol to the State General Assembly every year on Chronic Disease Awareness Day where they educate legislators about the burdens of chronic disease on families, budgets, and people’s lives.

Advocacy is not limited to organized events like Chronic Disease Awareness Day. While we always remain politically neutral, there are times when legislators need to hear from people like you. It’s your right to talk to your legislators, and share with them the unique perspective of someone who’s life has been touched by multiple sclerosis. We encourage you to contact your state and national legislators and share your personal story with them.


Patients, caregivers, and health care providers play a critical role in advocating for policies that expand access to care. Are you interested in sharing your story about challenges or barriers to care you’ve faced? The Rocky Mountain MS Center works closely with our partners at the National MS Society and Chronic Care Collaborative to elevate the voices and experiences of individuals and families living with MS to advocate for policy change.

Please fill out the brief form on this page if you’d like to share your story or be notified of specific opportunities to advocate for policies to improve access to care.

We’ll also send action alerts with specific opportunities to make your voice heard by writing emails to your elected officials, making phone calls, testifying at the Colorado state legislature, or writing a letter to the editor. Thanks for being such an important part of advancing solutions for individuals and families living with MS and related neurological diseases!

Here are a few tips for telling your story to legislators, provided by the CCC:

  • Consider what you know about your legislator
  • Consider what you want them to know about what you are advocating for
  • Try to find some commonalities with your legislators.  It is always easier to chat with someone if you can connect with them
  • Tell a story about your “why” – why are you here today? What makes your story important?  What are you trying to accomplish by talking to your legislator?
  • Remember, your legislator may need your guidance on an issue, help guide them by telling them about your personal experience
  • Share what you know about what is happening in your community related to the issue
  • Chat respectively at all times so no one gets defensive if they don’t agree
  • Be concise
  • Don’t be discouraged if your legislator says they do not have a lot of time, they still want to hear from you
  • Keep it simple – it is OK to say,” I am here today raising awareness for chronic diseases, I am a constituent and wanted to introduce myself to you”
  • If you don’t know the answer to a legislator’s question, it is okay to say “I don’t know”
  • Don’t forget to say thank you and to get their business card or email address