Online Adaptive Exercise Classes

Rocky Mountain MS Center Rural Engagement Program

Led by Michele Harrison, this twice-weekly online exercise class provides individuals an opportunity to participate in seated adaptive exercises through a virtual group setting. Michele is a licensed physical therapist who has worked with the MS community for decades, and she specifically tailors her movements to the needs of people living with MS. Exercise is integral in maximizing the lifelong brain health of those living with MS. This class is not only a space to learn new movements, but it has also quickly become a place to spot familiar faces, meet new friends, and connect with one another.

MOVEMENT MATTERS: In-Person Exercise Classes

Attention, Buena Vista and Durango! We are excited to offer live, in-person exercise classes twice monthly in your towns! Click here to learn more about these FREE classes, led by local physical therapists and presented by the MS Center’s Rural Engagement Program.

Middle age caucasian woman smiling confident training at sport centerParticipants are guided through a series of exercises that can be adapted to various ability and mobility levels. Stretching and aerobic movements are key components of living an active lifestyle, and our exercise classes provide a robust workout. Michele also leads a Qi Gong sequence at the beginning of each class to help decrease tension, increase circulation, and refresh the mind to help you stay grounded and present in your body.  We strive to cultivate a comfortable setting that welcomes all ability levels, and many participants strongly value the social connection that accompanies each class.

These one-hour classes are held on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. and Fridays at 9:30 a.m., and average about 10 to 15 participants per class. Guests can join from their home computer, laptop, or smartphone. Because of our remote capabilities, people from anywhere are welcome and encouraged to join the classes.

These exercise classes have made such a positive impact on participants, we would like to share their takeaways with you:

“The online activities are a lifesaver for me in terms of socializing, moving my arms and legs often. It allows me to maintain my current MS level.”

“I love the warmup, exercise, stretching, and camaraderie of the online class. The social activities are really fun because they allow me to talk to other people and to share in a common experience.”

“This has not only been a great program for physical exercise, but also provides positive impacts for my mood and energy level. I love having something on my schedule that makes me feel connected and purposeful.”

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Michele Harrison, PT, MSCS, ATRIC

Hydrotherapy Coordinator & Online Adaptive Exercise Program Coordinator

Michele attended University of Colorado and graduated from Boston University’s Sargent College with a B. S. in physical therapy. She worked abroad and in Massachusetts before returning to Colorado in 1988, where she began working with the Rocky Mountain MS Center and Swedish Medical Center. There she began intensive and exclusive work with people with neurologic disabilities, in particular people with MS, Parkinson’s, Movement Disorders and CVAs. She has extensive specialized training in treatment techniques, wheelchair and seating evaluation, prescription, as well as aquatic therapy certification in a variety of different techniques. She is Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute (ATRI) certified. She is also Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) certified. She also has Rheumatoid Arthritis aquatic certification, Watsu and Jahara technique certifications (aquatic bodywork), Ai Chi certification (water Tai Chi), Halliwick certification (body movement and control techniques for people with disabilities) and is certified as a wheelchair and seating specialist (ATP/SMS) through RESNA.

Our Rural Engagement Program’s Direct Support Services are offered completely FREE of charge to all participants, regardless of where they receive their MS care. These programs include online adaptive exercise classes, counseling sessions for individuals and families living with MS, and special access to online health and wellness coaching.

The Rocky Mountain MS Center Rural Engagement Program is made possible in part
by a grant from the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation.