MS is a complicated disease that strikes most people in the prime of life as they are building families and careers. How it manifests in each person is different, but most people will have to prepare to live with this disease for quite some time.

As a result, MS patients and their loved ones are often presented with a host of difficult transitions and emotional issues. Mental health issues are varied and wide-ranging, but can include depression, anger issues, stress, and anxiety. Through individual and family counseling, and seminars, the Center offers a range of resources to assist each individual, as well as families and friends.

The Rocky Mountain MS Center works closely with Elissa Berlinger, LCSW, a licensed counselor and MS Educator. You can reach Berlinger at her offices in Denver and Boulder by calling 720-309-7779 or visiting

Mental Health and MS 

Mental health and emotional wellbeing are critical parts of ongoing care for any chronic illness, and MS is no exception. Please explore the following resources on our website:

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