Every March, MS Awareness Month gives us a chance to bring multiple sclerosis to the forefront, to help advocate for people and families living with MS every day, and to educate the public. We hope you’ll join us as we dedicate the month to educating our friends, helping foster greater connections, and giving back to our MS Community.

NEW for 2024! MS: The Basics

Join the MS Center’s Kelsey Morrow and Elissa Berlinger for an informative new webinar on the basics of MS — a presentation lasting roughly one hour that’s perfect for sharing with anyone in your life that’s interested in learning more about multiple sclerosis! Click here to watch the recording.

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MS is often an “invisible” disease. So many common symptoms can be truly life-altering to those living with them, but not always apparent to the outside world. We’ve created this page of basic MS information for patients and families living with MS, to help them share the facts about MS with loved ones, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone else who may not have a great understanding of what it means to live with MS.

Answering MS Questions

Share this page on social media, or send it to people you know who you think would benefit from a better understanding of MS. By answering some common questions, together we can build an understanding of MS and how it affects those living with it. Click here to read and share “Answering MS Questions.”


We’re inviting everyone to send a brief message of support to other members of our extended MS family! Click here to visit our simple Google form, where you can send a message to KADEP clients and staff, the clinical staff and doctors at the Rocky Mountain MS Center at University of Colorado, or a general message to others in our MS Community.


Spreading awareness is an important part of helping people understand what it’s like to live every day with MS. Your friends, family and acquaintances can get more deeply involved by helping support the many programs and services offered by the Rocky Mountain MS Center.

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It’s been a trying year for so many of us, and the MS Center itself is no exception. Your support will go a long way toward helping us continue to deliver the programs and services our MS Community relies on during good times and bad. In addition to joining one of the fundraising events above, here are some quick and easy ways you can support the MS Center right now:

  • Make a One-Time Donation — Head to our secure, online donor portal to make a direct contribution to the MS Center.
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