On the morning of June 15, we brought more than 200 supporters together at Clear Creek Valley Park in Denver for our Flat 14er — one of Colorado’s famous 14ers turned on its side! That’s a 14,000-foot course that you can walk, jog, run, stroll, or ride — all on an accessible, paved course that’s open to just about anyone.


Our one-of-a-kind community event in support of the Rocky Mountain MS Center! 

Our do-it-your-way approach to spreading awareness and raising funds for the Rocky Mountain MS Center is back and better than ever for 2024! Supporters can join us in person or tackle their own summit — any challenge they choose — all while spreading the word to their own networks and raising support for the MS Center.

MS4MS is all about setting your own goal, and conquering your own Summit! In recent years, MS4MS supporters and teams have walked for distance, jogged in teams, swam laps, and set daily workout goals for themselves — and done it all while supporting the Rocky Mountain MS Center.

Best of all, MS4MS is open to ANYONE, ANYWHERE! You don’t have to be near Denver, in Colorado, or even in the United States to join us… Start your own campaign wherever you are, and support the Rocky Mountain MS Center with us!


Do #MS4MS Your Way -- Our Traditional Summer-Long Event

Use our campaign tools at JustGiving to organize yourself and your team, pick your challenge, and get going!

Whether you’re hiking, biking, jogging, walking, or any other physical challenge that’s right for you, and ESPECIALLY for our friends outside of Colorado… you can build your own #MS4MS Campaign and help the Rocky Mountain MS Center!

Get Started Planning Your DIY Campaign!

We’re hard at work making sure your #MS4MS experience will be quick, easy, and ready to go right from the start! Here’s everything you’ll need to get started with your own customized #MS4MS campaign:

1. CREATE YOUR PAGE: Click “Start Fundraising” to start setting up your account.

2. CHOOSE YOUR CHALLENGE: Then pick an activity, or choose “Doing Your Own Thing” from the list and tell us about your personal challenge!

3. CREATE OR JOIN A TEAM: When your personal page is set up, you’ll see an option to create or join a team. Just follow the prompts to find the team you’re looking for, or start your own and invite your friends to join.

4. CONNECT AND SHARE: Once your page is created, you can start sharing to raise awareness and support for your efforts! And don’t forget to connect your Strava or FitBit account to help track your progress.


Please note: If you’re coming to the Community Flat 14er, DON’T sign up for a fundraising page using the button above. You’ll get your own fundraising page as part of your Flat 14er registration.

We’d like to thank these generous sponsors for their support of Multiple Summits 4 MS:

Become an #MS4MS Sponsor!