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Webinar: MS — The Basics

A webinar on MS basics to help raise awareness and understanding about MS, recorded in advance of MS Awareness Month on February 21, 2024.

This one-hour webinar will be presented by Elissa Berlinger, an MS Educator and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Kelsey Morrow, the Education Manager at the Rocky Mountain MS Center. They will explain what MS is and how our knowledge of the disease has changed over time. The presentation discusses the idea that MS looks different on every person, some common symptoms, that there are multiple treatment options available today, and lifestyle choices that can help you maximize your well-being.

We hope that this resource will help people living with MS to better understand the condition, and that it will also be shareable to help explain to friends, family, and other support partners in a manageable way what MS is. We will leave time at the end of the webinar to answer questions.


Elissa Berlinger, LCSW: Elissa’s journey to becoming a clinical social worker has been wide-reaching and a lifelong journey. She completed her undergraduate in Studio Art (Ceramics) and Political Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, her Master’s in Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work. In addition to specialized training in eating disorders, trauma, and substance use, Elissa also has expertise in working with various neurological and chronic health conditions, with a particular focus on people and families living with multiple sclerosis. She works in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain MS Center to provide education and counseling services to individuals and families who have been impacted by MS.

Kelsey Morrow, NBC-HWC: Kelsey is the Education Manager at the Rocky Mountain MS Center and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. She enjoys working with the doctors at the RMMSC at CU to provide educational conferences, webinars, classes, and speaker events for individuals and families throughout their MS experience. Kelsey is a Wellcoaches Certified Personal Coach and received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and History from the University of Colorado in 2007. After a year in the AmeriCorps NCCC program, she has continued to work and volunteer with non-profit organizations. Kelsey has worked at the RMMSC for nearly 8 years. In that time and along with Elissa Berlinger, she has co-presented MS 101 classes to audiences around the world and MS Basics and Lifestyle sessions to people living in rural Colorado through the RMMSC Rural Engagement Program. Kelsey also moderates the very popular Conversations on MS series featuring neurologists from the RMMSC at CU.

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