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By January 27, 2021May 25th, 2021Medications

Originally published in InforMS Winter 2008

Daclizumab, which is also known as Zenapax, is another experimental monoclonal antibody. Zenapax decreases the levels of some immune cells (T cells) and increases the levels of other immune cells (natural killer cells.) It produces these effects by binding to a protein known as the “IL-2 receptor.” At the recent ECTRIMS meeting, a study evaluated nearly 200 people with MS who were treated with interferon. In addition to the interferon, people were also treated with either low-dose Zenapax, high-dose Zenapax, or placebo. Those who received highdose Zenapax had a 72% decrease in new MRI lesions compared to those on placebo. Zenapax is generally well tolerated, but there is concern that it, like other monoclonal antibodies, may increase the risk of other immune diseases. Additional studies of Zenapax in MS are currently being conducted.

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