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Webinar: MRI Demystified — A Patient’s Guide to Multiple Sclerosis Imaging

The MS Center’s Dr. Justin Honce’s recorded this discussion on December 4, 2023. “MRI Demystified” focuses on the critical role of MRI in Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and management, providing insights on MRI technology (what is it?, how does it work?), the significance of different MRI sequences in MS studies, and how they are used by radiologists and neurologists. The session will also cover interpretation of results and explore emerging trends / upcoming advanced MRI techniques that will be used in the future.


Dr. Justin M. Honce is a neuroradiologist specializing in multiple sclerosis imaging at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Dr. Honce works closely with the neurology team at the Rocky Mountain MS Center University of Colorado to optimize MR imaging in MS, and serves as MR Medical Director and Vice Chair within the Department of Radiology.

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