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Webinar: Understanding MS Clinical Trial Results

By September 20, 2018May 26th, 2021Webinars

The development of new treatments in MS has exploded. Currently there are at least 15 disease modifying agents available with more anticipated to be approved in the next few years. These new developments signal some exciting times for patients and their caregivers as there are brand new opportunities for better management of MS. Our patient community is a highly engaged in understanding the benefits and risks of new therapies. Clinical trials provide the earliest information on these issues. However, the terms used in these articles can be somewhat mystifying (for example terms used to describe the study design, statistical methods and what the results mean).

In this one hour webinar, we will use a recent research clinical trial article of a MS agent and walk through the interpretation of all aspects of these types of articles. A summary of commonly used terms will also be provided.

Presenter: Kavita V. Nair, PhD

Dr. Nair received her PhD in Pharmacy Administration from the University of Michigan in 1999 with a focus on organizational factors that influence health care delivery. Her current area of research involves pharmacy benefit design in managed care and retail pharmacy including the structure, pricing and reimbursement of medications, factors affecting the reimbursement of medication in retail pharmacy, willingness to pay for retail pharmacists services and consumer attitudes regarding their pharmacy benefit plans and the impact of multi-tiered reimbursement mechanisms on medication utilization.

If you were not able to tune in, please CLICK HERE to view the webinar.


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