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Webinar: Young Adults Living with MS, featuring the MS Young Professionals Network (MSYPN)

By December 14, 2018May 26th, 2021Webinars

Recording of our webinar featuring three members of our MS Young Professionals Network. Andrew, Reese, and Edward discuss how they came to their MS diagnosis and the impact it’s had on various aspects of their life with a focus on the unique challenges faced by young adults. The webinar explores how MS has affected their personal relationships with their parents, their significant others, and their friends. You’ll hear about whether or not each of them has chosen to disclose their MS to their employers, what they think of these decisions in hindsight, and how their jobs accommodate them. We’ll round out the 45-minute moderated discussion with thoughts on various lifestyle choices (diet, nutrition, stress, and sleep) and how they deal with their actual MS symptoms.


  • Andrew Collier
  • Reese Garcia
  • Edward Huss

If you were not able to tune in, please CLICK HERE to view the webinar.


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