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Emotional Wellbeing Resources

Resources for Emotional Wellbeing: 

Emotional wellbeing is a topic we’ve covered regularly in the MS Center’s InforMS Magazine. Below are links to several key articles.

Webinar: Stress Management

Although stress management always makes the list of wellness “must do’s,” for most of us stress is an unavoidable fact of everyday life that we mostly manage by trying to ignore it. Until 50 years ago, no one even paid much attention to stress as a health issue. Today we recognize that chronic stress – whether someone has MS or not – is a risk factor for all kinds of medical problems and learning how to manage it is important for our overall wellness. Fortunately, there are strategies to learn how to manage your stress more effectively in your daily life. As Wellness Pilot Program participants, this 1-hour webinar will help you learn more about stress, wellness, and ways to help you effectively manage stress.

Managing Stress

Chronic stress is a significant health hazard and learning how to manage it is a key for overall wellness.  The focus of this issue of InforMS explores different ways to manage stress effectively including physiological techniques, and the relaxation technique. Click here to read the full article (downlaodable PDF).

Maximizing Lifelong Brain Health

The concept of maximizing lifelong brain health emphasizes the importance of early and effective treatment of MS with disease modifying therapies combined with exercise, social engagement, healthy nutrition, adequate sleep, and stress management as strategie to promote brain resilience and build cognitive reserve. In this issue of InforMS, we delve deeper into the idea of maximizing lifelong brain health – what’s the research and philosophy behind it?  And why does what you do matter?  Click here to read the full article (downloadable PDF).

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