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Empowering Yourself

Empowerment can mean a lot of things to different people, but in healthcare it boils down to being involved in making decisions about your own health. It’s about taking charge of your own health journey and speaking up for what you need and want. Being able to do that successfully requires you to be informed and educated not only about your condition, but about the many elements of the healthcare system that you’ll inevitably have to interact with on your journey.

An empowered patient is one who feels in control and confident about managing their health, but it’s more than that, too.

Empowerment also means you know you’re working with a healthcare team that understands your condition, symptoms, treatment plan, and overall well-being. And that you’ve got help when and where you need it — from medical professionals, your loved ones and friends, and from organizations working to help educate and support you.

The strategies outlined in this issue of InforMS Magazine can provide a structure of how to hone and build confidence in your personal empowerment, allowing you to navigate your MS the way that’s best for you.

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