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Get Moving: Why Physical Activity Matters in MS

When you’re living with a chronic condition like MS, it’s easy to view exercise as just another challenge — one more thing to add to your list of routines. And depending on how MS has impacted you personally, it may be something that causes your body to struggle.

But the reality is regular exercise could be one of the most powerful tools in your MS management arsenal. Maybe more importantly, it’s something nearly anyone can incorporate into their lives in ways that will have a positive impact.

That’s not to say that starting an exercise program with MS is easy — it can feel intimidating, even insurmountable, when dealing with common symptoms like fatigue, mobility challenges, and heat sensitivity. There’s certainly no shortage of potential roadblocks. But with some creativity and the right guidance, physical activity can be tailored to work for you. The key is finding activities you enjoy that meet you where you are.

In this issue of InforMS, we’ll explore the science behind exercise in MS, offer some practical guidance to getting started or perfecting your physical activity routines, and show some examples of how to fit regular exercise into your life effectively.

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