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MS Pictures: Kourtlyn H.

Kourtlyn is 27 years old and was diagnosed with MS six months ago.

What were the first symptoms you noticed?

I lost vision in my left eye while on a family trip to Costa Rica.

What have been some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced?

Coming to terms with the fact that this is a lifelong disease and that my vision may never fully return in my left eye.

What is something you’ve learned while living with MS?

MS doesn’t define me and is only a part of who I am.

What is your favorite MS coping mechanism?

Exercise has been really therapeutic and a great stress reliever for me as well as talking with family, friends and my therapist.

How has MS impacted your life?

It really hasn’t had a very negative impact, so far it has been more of a wakeup call to take care of myself and enjoy the moment.

What did you not expect?

How many other people are on the same journey that I’m on and how much support there is out there.

How has your perspective of MS changed over time?

I wasn’t really sure what MS was before I was diagnosed and so learning about this disease and how far medical science has come makes me very hopeful for the future.

What is your disease management strategy?

I have a fantastic care team and am currently taking Kesimpta. I’ve also been focused on taking care of myself through diet, exercise.

What does your support system look like?

I have the best support system in my family. They are absolutely my rock; They have helped me through the ups and downs that you inevitably go through when navigating such a new and overwhelming space.

What gives you hope?

This question is tough because hope is the one thing I’ve never lost throughout my journey. I believe in mind over matter and I know that as long as my mind is in a positive place I can conquer anything life will throw at me.

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