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Conquer Your Summit With MS4MS!

The 2021 Multiple Summits 4 MS season is underway, and we are looking forward to getting back out on the trails safely this summer. Will you join us?

Back in 2010, several enterprising volunteers put their love of hiking and desire to support the Rocky Mountain MS Center together and kicked off the first MS4MS. Our uniquely Colorado active fundraising campaign has grown to hundreds of hikers every year. Even in the midst of 2020’s social distancing guidelines, we had many dedicated MS4MS participants shifting gears to continue their efforts. This summer, we’re ready to get back into full swing!

MS4MS Isn’t Just About Hiking

Team MSYPN at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado in 2020.

We know that living with MS can make hiking a 14,000-foot mountain a difficult prospect, if not a complete impossibility. That’s why MS4MS isn’t just about hiking the tallest peaks in Colorado — it’s about setting your own goal, and conquering your own Summit.

One of our favorite ways to make sure anyone and everyone can participate is by hiking a “Flat 14er” ­— that’s a trail, walking path, or a quick route through your own neighborhood that equals 14,000 feet… we’ve swapped altitude for distance! A Flat 14er is just a bit over 2.6 miles.

Any route, over any surface, no matter how long it takes you counts! Clients at the King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP) begin every MS4MS season with a Flat 14er around the RMMSC’s KADEP facility in Westminster. Everyone is encouraged to participate in any way they can —many even break their hike up over days and weeks, just doing what’s right for them each time until they’ve reached their 14,000-foot goal.

Over the years we’ve had MS4MS participants get involved any way they can — from swimming to biking to setting workout and exercise goals. You pick the challenge, and conquer whatever summit you choose.

Join With your Company or Group

MS4MS is a perfect opportunity to get your group involved in a fun event for a great cause! Just choose a hike that’s right for your group, start a team on the MS4MS website, set a date and time and start recruiting. You’ll have access to tools that will allow you to upload contact email addresses, and invite people to join you directly on the site.

Over the years, we’ve had many companies and organizations organize wellness events for employees and members through MS4MS. One of our top company teams over the years has been from Medtronic, a medical device company with offices in the Denver and Boulder area. Thanks to team captain Arun Jagannathan, Medtronic has built a dedicated team of hikers who look forward to MS4MS every year.

“This is my 7th year of hiking with my coworkers,” says Arun. “We’ve had anywhere between 20 and 30 people in a team. In 2019, we had 2 teams of 15-20 people each.”

Medtronic has been very supportive of their employees’ MS4MS efforts, matching donations and becoming an official MS4MS sponsor. “In addition to putting up flyers and sending emails, our employee resource groups and philanthropy teams have mentioned the hike in their newsletters to help with increased awareness,” says Arun. “Over the years, I’ve also seen contributions come in from employees who reside outside Colorado.”

“It’s a great way to connect with coworkers and do some team building while supporting a great cause,” said Arun.

We’d be happy to help you set up a company page for your group — just email us at ms4ms@mscenter.org and we’ll help you get started!

For just a $35 registration fee, all MS4MS registrants will receive their own personal fundraising page, in addition to a 2021 MS4MS t-shirt and bumper sticker. Team captains also get a Summit Flag to display in group photos on their hike.

All proceeds from MS4MS go directly to the programs and services of the Rocky Mountain MS Center! Learn more and get started today at MSCenter.org/summits.

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