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Immeasurabe Impact: Dr. Vollmer’s Career Highlights

  • Instrumental in collaboration of international community of MS specialists in designing the first in-human trials for modern MS disease modifying therapies.
  • Played key role with researchers across the world in the development of the earliest MS treatment agents in 1991 — the beginning of a revolution in the field of MS.
  • Established Rocky Mountain MS Center’s role in advising pharmaceutical companies on the study design for and potential value of new therapeutics.
  • Spearheaded the creation of NARCOMS registry for multiple sclerosis, a database of individual patient’s experiences with MS. Database is used by MS researchers and experts around the world, investigating key issues related to the disease and impact on individuals and families.
  • Led the rapid growth of the MS research program as Vice-Chair of Clinical Research at the University of Colorado. Beginning with around 20 active studies, the department now boasts 275 studies active or in start-up with over 100 active studies in the MS and Neuroimmunology Program.
  • Helped secure funding from several generous donors for the Rocky Mountain Neurology Translational Research Lab, laying the groundwork and infrastructure to explore potential biomarkers to diagnose and treat MS and other neurological diseases.
  • Established the Rocky Mountain MS Center as one of the most recognized voices over the last 12 years in pursuing early treatment with highly effective DMTs to improve long term outcomes, a practice that has now been confirmed by multiple studies as the best approach to managing MS.
  • Championed the philosophy of maximizing lifelong brain health focusing on early, aggressive disease-modifying therapy treatment, and adopting healthy lifestyle choices including diet and exercise along with a healthy, creative life and active social life.
  • Helped make the RMMSC at CU one of the most sought-after training programs for physicians looking for advanced training in MS and Neuroimmunology.
  • As Medical Director of the Rocky Mountain MS Center nonprofit organization, helped direct the formal collaboration between RMMSC and RMMSC at University of Colorado. This partnership has led to the development of a robust patient and family education program that includes published literature, regular newsletters, webinars, bi-annual Education Summits, and small group educational programs that reach thousands in the community around the US.
  • Through that partnership, deepened the RMMSC at CU’s commitment to supporting the MS Community and directly led to the rapid growth of the program to its current size, with:
    • Eight Fellowship-trained neurologists;
    • Two PhDs (one in Neuroimmunology and one in Pharmacology);
    • Three advanced practitioners;
    • Around 50 staff members supporting patient care and research;
    • More than 4,000 patients from the Rocky Mountain Region and across the United States.
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