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Rocky Mountain MS Center at University of Colorado Biobank

Biomarkers are biological markers that can be used in diagnosis, selecting treatments, and evaluating treatment responses. Having pre-collected samples is invaluable for this research, and the Biobank ensures that researchers and clinicians at the RMMSC at CU — as well as colleagues at other institutions — have access to the materials they need for investigations, experiments and comparative analysis.

Projects include collecting paired cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and blood samples from patients undergoing lumbar punctures. The Biobank also aims to expand sample collection to longitudinal plasma and blood collections from patients starting DMTs and monitor those patients periodically, to learn more about the effects of these medications in MS over time.

To date, the RMMSC Biorepository has collected nearly 4,000 samples. Having these samples available has helped support the research of multiple neuroimmunology investigators at the Rocky Mountain MS Center, as well as their colleagues from other institutions who’ve been able to request samples from the Biobank.

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