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Asking the Right Questions: Intro

In this issue of InforMS, we’re taking a deeper look at the field of medical research. While we’ve described research projects and studies before, this issue aims to give a higher-level view of the field of medical research, and specifically how MS research fits into the standard processes and practices of these investigations.

Understanding how research works and the components of the medical research process can shed some light on the complexity involved in caring for and treating a disease like MS. Specifically, we’ll introduce you to the three major components of medical research, including a detailed look at the Clinical Trials process that brings new drugs to the market.

Elsewhere in this issue, we’ll provide a detailed update into an encouraging new development, and a look at the 20-year history of hard work and determination that led to a recently-published breakthrough.

We’ll also take a look at several current research studies happening at the Rocky Mountain MS Center at University of Colorado, and we’ll talk to a recent research study participant to give you an inside look at participating in a study and helping researchers take the next steps in the world of MS.

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