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Grocery Delivery and Pick-up Options

Grocery delivery and pick up services can be helpful for your meal planning and healthy eating habits. These services are especially helpful during COVID-19, but can also cut-down on trips to the store, helping you to conserve energy and manage fatigue.

Please note that the below retailers can change their pricing at any time, and it is recommended that you review the costs and fees of your order before placing your order. This is neither a complete list of grocery delivery options, nor an endorsement of any one particular retailer or service.

King Soopers

— Minimum order: Not applicable
— Pickup Cost: Free
— Tips: Not accepted
— Delivery Cost: $9.95 to $11.95 per order
— Tips: Not required, but are accepted
— Ship to Home (dry goods/pantry staples/bulk): free on orders of $35 or more


— Minimum order: $30
— Pickup Cost: free
— Delivery Cost: varies
— Tips: Accepted on either delivery or pickup


— Minimum order: $30
— Delivery Fee: $9.95 on purchases under $150; may offer reduced fees on purchases of $150 or more
— Pickup Fee: Free

Amazon Prime Now / Amazon Fresh

— Delivery window: 2 hour delivery window (or for added cost, 1 hour delivery window)
— Membership Fee: Amazon Prime Now is a benefit of Amazon prime, membership is $13/month
— Delivery Fee: $5 for orders under $35, Free for orders over $35
— Tips: Default 10% tip per order, can be changed


— Offers groceries from Sprouts, Costco, Sam’s Club, Natural Grocers, Marczyk Fine Foods, Mercado, Petco, King Soopers, Safeway, and Target
— Delivery windows: vary, can be same day, you can view available delivery times from your shopping cart
— Minimum order: “there may be a minimum order amount before you are eligible for delivery”
— Delivery Fee: start at $3.99, but vary depending on size of order and delivery time you choose, the fee will be shown in your cart before you place your order
— Service Fee: 5% (or $2 minimum) service fee
— Pricing: note that some items are higher than in-store prices
— Tips: Optional but suggested; default tip is 5%, but can be changed at your discretion. Note that 100% of the tip goes directly to the shopper delivering your order.

Instacart has an Express Membership ($10/month OR $99/year) – members get free delivery on orders over $35, and the service fee is reduced.


— Offers groceries, restaurant delivery, retailers/essentials from a variety of locations.
— Delivery Fee: variable, ranges from $1 to $10
— Service Fee: variable, percentage-based
— Small Cart Fee: if purchase does not reach a certain minimum (varies by location), a fee of $2 is added to your order

You are able to be see and review all fees before placing order. Postmates has an Unlimited Membership ($10/month or $99/year) – members get free delivery on orders over $10

List compiled in Spring 2020 by Holly Sullivan, RD

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