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Healthy Eating Resources

With so much information available to us it can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together some additional resources for healthy recipes and meal planning.

Mayo Clinic: Healthy Recipes:

This is Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Recipes website. It gives you a variety of healthy recipes, and you can look up options based on meal, course, number of servings, preparation method, main ingredient, or special diet.

Cooking Light: Healthy Recipes:

This is another website to check out for recipes. It has an extensive number of recipes – search for salad and you will get 1629 results. This site has a good blend of tasty but still healthy options. It also has some useful ‘how to’ videos.

USDA “MyPlate”:

This is the USDA’s MyPlate site. It has a number of great features and toolkits related to healthy eating, diet planning and more. A great tool here is the MyPlate Checklist Calculator, which you can use to calculate your calorie needs and see what foods you should be eating.

This is the government’s nutrition website. It has some helpful handouts on reducing added sugars, making healthier food and beverage choices, and more.

Nutrition, Environmental Issues and Selection: A Guide from Cooking Light:

This is a guide put out by Cooking Light to help you learn more about nutrition, environmental issues, and selection, to help you choose great fish. Living in Colorado, it’s important to know how to select fish since they are not available fresh from the dock.

Cooking Fish: A Mayo Clinic Slide Show:

This is a slide show from the Mayo Clinic about how to cook fish.

MyFitnessPal Free Online Fitness & Food Tracker:

If you are looking for a way to help track what you eat and stay accountable, MyFitnessPal is a great tool. It is a free online tracker with over 5 million foods in its database.

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