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Is it MS or am I Just Getting Older?

It can be difficult as you age to determine whether a new medical issue is related to your MS, or just a routine part of your body getting older. It’s always important to have a discussion with your MS care team when you’re experiencing something new. Here are some common age-related problems that can raise MS-related concerns, but are often just typical parts of the normal aging process:

  • Increased risk of falls; balance issues
  • Skin becomes drier and more fragile
  • Bones become more brittle
  • Metabolism slows; muscles lose strength, tone, and flexibility
  • Heart’s pumping power and lung capacity decrease
  • Appetite decreases, constipation becomes more common
  • Bladder control weakens, prostate (in men) complicates urination
  • Hearing and vision can decrease
  • Short-term memory declines, some cognitive functions slow down
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