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Make a Difference! Support Your MS Team

Through care, support, education, and research, the Rocky Mountain MS Center is leading the way in developing effective treatments and therapies.

The Rocky Mountain MS Center is a local nonprofit organization that partners with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Our clinic is a comprehensive MS center that provides primary neurological care, physical and occupational therapy, cognitive evaluations, psychotherapy, social work, and access to clinical trials. We currently serve about 50 percent of Coloradans with MS and are a destination clinic, with patients coming from around the country and even the world for MS-specialty care.

We are excited to be shaping the future of MS care and treatment.

The Rocky Mountain MS Center at the University of Colorado is the home of one of the largest MS research programs in the world. As an example, and thanks to a recent generous donation, our Translational Research Lab is using a sophisticated piece of equipment called, Quanterix SIMOA, to analyze biomarkers from the brain in blood samples such as neurofilament light (NfL) levels to monitor for active disease in MS patients on disease-modifying therapies and those patients going off MS medications. This work is done in tandem with the RISE MS study to identify genes, biomarkers, or environmental circumstances that are associated with the earliest manifestations of MS – this risk profile would enable us to diagnose and treat MS as early as possible.

Our ever-expanding education programs continue to provide patients and their families with materials and resources to help them make informed decisions about their care. Programs like our Education Summits, MS 101 Seminars, Conversations on MS discussions, webinars, our eMS News newsletter, and InforMS Magazine enable us to empower patients and families through education.

Our King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP) is a life-affirming, award-winning day program that serves low-income adults with MS, traumatic brain injury, stroke and rare neurological diseases. KADEP provides participants and their families with access to counseling, education, health care, and other services so that they can maximize their health and learn to thrive within their circumstances. It also promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in outdoor recreational and community activities. KADEP is now welcoming more than 60 clients every weekday, and 160 individuals annually, to our innovative and unique day program. Our support services, including our social security law program, counseling, and hydrotherapy program, assist more than 450 clients annually.

Together we can change the landscape for people living with MS and other neurological disorders.

Your generous support is crucial to the work we do every day. Please consider making a gift today to support the ongoing work of the Rocky Mountain MS Center.

While 100 percent of your donation stays local to support programs and services of the RMMSC, the impact of what we’re able to do is felt globally, reaching individuals and families living with MS throughout the world. We’re committed to not only continuing to serve our MS Community directly but to be a local voice and advocate for our core philosophy of maximizing lifelong brain health. Your gift allows us to continue to change the way the world sees MS, and improve the lives of patients and their families around the globe.

We’re honored to be your MS Team, and proud to continue our work together.

Thank you!

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