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Self-care Strategies: Creating a Self-Care Menu

Self-care can feel daunting. Checking in with yourself can remind you of the tools you already have to care for your mind, body, and spirit. To help identify your favorite go-to self-care practices, here is a useful exercise to create your own self-care menu.

Body Care: What are a few ways that you can care for your body this week? Maybe that’s going for a walk outside, or cooking a nourishing meal, or taking a soothing shower. Take a moment to think about and then write down the ways that you can care for your body this week.

Achievement: What are some small wins you can set up and savor this week? This could be doing your laundry, mailing that package that’s been on the kitchen table for a while, or watering all of your houseplants. Take a minute to reflect and write down the small wins you can create for yourself this week.

Connection: What are a few ways that you can feel connected with the people in your life? Think through and write down ways you can create connection for yourself this week. Maybe it’s a phone call, or a ‘thinking of you’ text to a friend, or going for a walk with a neighbor.

Enjoyment: Start to reflect on something you have coming up — today or soon — that will be fun and that you’ll enjoy. If it’s hard to think of something, think of something small you can add into your day. That might mean getting a tea or coffee from your favorite shop, laughing at your favorite TV show, listening to music you love, creating a card for a friend, or tuning in for an online yoga class to help get your body moving. Write down a few things that will bring you joy this week.

Adapted from The Daily Shine Podcast with Mel Chanté.

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