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InforMS: Winter 2018

Celebrating 40 Years
of MS Care, Support, Education and Research.
 The Rocky Mountain MS Center was founded on September 28, 1978 — and we’ve spent most of 2018 celebrating our 40th anniversary. In this issue of InforMS, we’re happy to bring you a look back at those 40 years. Ahead, you’ll find a timeline of key milestones and events in our organization’s history. We’ll also take a look at how MS has changed over the years, with a brief view of the history of DMTs and MRIs — two continually advancing areas that have fundamentally changed how we treat MS today. Many of the important programs the MS Center has developed over the years have grown to become critical components of our comprehensive model of patient care, and we’ll also take a look at what some of those programs have meant to our community over the years.
Take a look at the timeline of the RMMSC’s major milestones over 40 years. Each image below will pop-up to a full-sized version.



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